What is the iFlora platform?

The iFlora online platform

iFlora’s main aim is to create a level platform from where all stakeholders can equally access and conduct business, and to promote more direct trade other than the “traditional” trade through middlemen.
Groups of focus during the development of the iFlora system were growers, buyers (wholesalers & florists), intermediaries (Agents & Brokers), and breeders. The system was also developed to cater for both the direct and auction market, with more emphasis on direct trade noting that that is the ultimate goal for most stakeholders.
Through the system, users interact directly with their target market meaning growers access and unlimited number of buyers and buyers have access to an unlimited number of growers. This makes it easy for the growers to get more buyers to supply directly to and in reverse, helps buyers to access as many growers to give them the freedom of choice, and variety of products in the same breadth.

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iFlora also gives growers access to breeders from across the continent allowing them to view products of different breeders, helping them improve the varieties they grow. On the other hand, Breeders have access to thousands of growers from where they can recommend and sell their roses.
The system also provides for intermediaries (Agents & Brokers). It gives intermediaries access to thousands of growers and buyers from and for who they can buy from and sell to respectively. On the other hand, the system provides growers with the same channel where they can find agents to help them sell their products directly and in auction, and help them get new markets for their roses. It helps buyers get agents who help them source for the best flowers at the best prices, and from different growers both directly and in auction through intermediaries.

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