Sunland Roses


Sunland is a boutique rose farm, located on the Northern slopes of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 2,350 meters, just a few kilometers from the Equator, in the heart of Kenya.

We Specialise in a range of 50 different high quality rose varieties, diverse in colour and shape, including single colours, bi-colours, clustars and spray varieties.

Sunland is a family business that was set up in year 2000 by the Mwiti’s and Viljoen’s, and in just 5 years, it has grown into one of the regions best productive rose farms, with some of the most sought after varieties of roses.

Sunland has 3 core values:

Enthusiasm: We are passionate about our roses, and truly believe that we produce the best roses in the best conditions. Beyond breeding roses, it is the love for Africa, it’s people and it’s nature, that we embrace.

Being Involved: We create opportunities for local people, and strive to brighten lives of those around us. We cherish and deeply respect the creation of nature and our ecosystem, from the earthworms in our soil, through the roots and stems, to the bud. We feel, encourage and see this involvement in our workers, and the pride, which leads to a high product quality, of real beauty.

Connected: Embracing several product groups: flowers, fruit and wine, we connect consumers with a product that make them happy. We produce local with local people from several tribes, but we act global in a world wide market.

Contact Sunland Roses

P.O. Box 227, Timau, 10406, Kenya
Mobile: +254 702 095 696