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iFlora magazine mobile site

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iFlora, through its parent company iFlora Limited on Tuesday, 15th August 2017 finally unveilled its new website. The new website will be ran as a magazine through which iFlora will regularly feature stakeholders and events in the flower industry.

Through the platform, iFlora wishes to feature and create awareness around flower growers, buyers, breeders, agents, the direct and the auction market. This will run parallel to the iFlora platform (The online flower ‘marketplace’), which aims to create a level platform for all flower stakeholders to engage. The platform was launched a month prior and looks to enroll growers, buyers (wholesalers and florists), breeders and middlemen (agents and auction brokers). This will help growers access a bigger direct market and for buyers to easily access growers and buy directly from them.

The iFlora online platform

Other services that will be employed by the iFlora online magazine include advertisements which directly target the flower market stakeholders. This plan seeks to help vendors looking to sell their products to any players in the flower business.

The magazine is mobile responsive, meaning that it can easily be accessed through any device, anywhere, anytime. The design is very user friendly making everything easily accessible.

iFlora magazine mobile site

To feature on the iFlora magazine, please fill in the form below and an iFlora representative will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

Thank you for your support so far! 🙂

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