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Founded almost a century ago, De Ruiter has been working continuously on the breeding and improvement of the rose as a product.

Originally a family business, De Ruiter has since grown into an organisation of international renown in the breeding and propagation of numerous varieties of roses. Additionally, De Ruiter played a pioneering role in the development of modern pot rose cultivation. Our knowledge and experience are closely intertwined and our current expertise is proving an excellent seedbed for future development.

In addition to cut roses, De Ruiter has also developed breeding programmes for hip roses, field-cut roses, pot roses, patio roses, garden roses as well as cut and pot Hypericum. The key aspects of plant health, productivity and uniformity, transport properties, colours, cultivation technology, environmental requirements and longevity are the foremost assessment criteria used by our breeding department.

The varieties we breed are sold all over the world, supported by our team of agents and representatives who provide prospective buyers with carefully compiled information based on measurements carried out on our products at our various testing facilities. De Ruiter Innovations currently has testing facilities in all of its production areas across the world, an approach that has proved highly beneficial in realising the firm’s envisioned goals in respect of product differentiation.

Sweet Vuvuzela
Rose Sweet Vuvuzela by Royal De Ruiter

Contact with Dutch and international agents, growers, propagators, marketers, export firms, sales organisations and supermarkets are coordinated on a daily basis from the De Ruiter head office on Meerlandenweg in Amstelveen. You are welcome to visit us any time!

Breeding and propagation still take place at our headquarters in the Netherlands. The consistent climate conditions and modern greenhouses equipped with advanced regulation systems have always produced optimum breeding and propagation results. The extensive experience we have at De Ruiter helps us create a distinction between varieties for different purposes at an early stage in the process.

As De Ruiter has always been convinced that feedback from the market is of the essence, De Ruiter Innovations makes every effort to remain as close as possible to the source of the information provided. In addition to its network of direct and prospective buyers De Ruiter Innovations also maintains close contact with the leading players in the flower and plant industry all across the globe.

This approach helps us to constantly work on our image and in our endeavor to be an interesting and reliable player for every partner in the chain.

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