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Breeder: De Ruiter E.A Limited Grower: PJ Dave Group Series Large flowered Type Large flowered Colour Red Bud height 55 - 65 Scent No Average number of petals 40 - 45 Stem length 60 - 80 Thorns Moderate Mildew sensitivity Normal Minimal cutting stage 2,5 Vaselife...

PJ Dave Group

The PJ Dave Group is a family-owned cut-flower business that grows and exports cut Roses daily to customers around the world. The group has...

Sunland Roses

Sunland is a boutique rose farm, located on the Northern slopes of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 2,350 meters, just a few kilometers...
United Selections- iFlora Limited

United Selections

About United Selections United Selections is a premier rose breeder with years of experience. Breeding and Selection of new rose varieties takes place in Kenya....
Red Lion - iFlora Limited

Red Lion

Variety Information VBN Code: 118390 Colour: Red Length: 60 – 90 cm Vaselife: 12 – 14 days Transport Hardiness: Very Good   Breeder: United Selections

Erik Saager – Sunland Roses

In Switzerland a small entity which was a customer of Sunland Roses was was established by Erik Saager in 2015 as a sole proprietorship...

Everest Roses

FARM HISTORY ‘Chulu’ is derived from one of the peaks of Mt Everest. The Farm is 15 years old. LOCATION The farm is located at the foot...